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We welcome volunteerism and are greatly appreciative of our valuable volunteers. We see volunteerism as the act of giving one's irreplaceable time, energy, and commitment to bringing hope and help into the lives of those who need it most. We currently welcome volunteerism at our public downtown office spaces, online service spaces, and require our volunteers to undergo a screening process to ensure they understand the full scope of their selected roles. The screening process helps the organization in its efforts to best utilize it's volunteerism opportunities. Our volunteers are allowed to volunteer as many hours as desired in the state of Georgia. 

Volunteers are invited to the organization's:


  • 1. Annual Thanksgiving Employee Dinner

  • 2. Annual Christmas Party (May bring family)

  • 3. Annual Sponsor Celebration Ceremony (May bring family)

  • 4. Public Outings conducted by the organization

  • 5. Employee Attending Board Meetings 

  • 6. Employer Sponsored Outings & Events:

    • City Parades

    • Cookouts

    • Concerts

    • Movie Outings​

    • Theme Park Outings


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