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Healing From Sexual Abuse


Healing is a process in which something that was once broken, changed, or damaged from its original state, sets path to recover as it once was. Healing from sexual abuse is possible. It is possible to exist in a space in which the trauma and pain experienced from sexual abuse can aid oneself and others to their predestined purpose. Healing doesn't mean that everything about one's sexual abuse occurrences is understood. It doesn't mean that no bad memories or thoughts will be revisited. Healing from sexual abuse is a journey to which one's wholeness will arrive within their willingness and determination towards living a life that is unequivocally one of peace. It will first require a clear understanding of exactly what needs to be healed. There are several definitions and expressions of sexual abuse, assault, and violence throughout the internet and varies other places. We hope to help better explain them through our illustrations of some of their occurrences.  Many sexual violation occurrences may be categorized as one or more of the following, and are not limited to our depiction of the terms. Sexual Abuse is unwanted sexual activity, with perpetrators using force, making threats or taking advantage of victims not able to give consent. Sexual Assault is sexual contact or behavior that occurs without explicit consent of the victim. Sexual Violence is any attempted or sexual act (advance) against a person unwanted or unlawful.  




  • Child Pornography

  • Child Prostitution

  • Fondling

  • Forced Prostitution

  • Incest

  • Indecent Exposure

  • Molestation

  • Obscene Messaging

  • Rape

  • Sexual Propositions/Enticement

  • Stalking

  • Aggravated Sexual Battery

  • Child Molestation

  • Consensual sex with minors

  • Forced Prostitution

  • Forcible sodomy

  • Incest

  • Rape (including marital rape)

  • Sexual Battery

  • Sodomy

  • Nonconsensual sex with minors

  • Unwanted sexual touching

  • Abduction _Sexual Slavery

  • Dating Violence

  • Forced Marriage

  • Forced Sterilization

  • Incest

  • Molestation

  • Rape

  • Sexual Organ Mutilation

  • Stalking

  • Unwanted Sexual Advances

  • Unwanted Sexual Comments


Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. has no affiliation with the National Sexual Assault Hotline, though recommend it as top choice for finding help and assistance with all matters of sexual abuse, assault, & violence.

National Sexual Assault Hotline

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Hours: Available 24 hours 

Visit Here


Chat with a support specialist here



Do I have to come into your organization to start the program? 

No. The program can be completed unaided by the organization. Upon downloading and opening the program (pdf file) the introduction of the program will explain in detail its' autonomous structure, and demonstrate the ability to successfully complete the program?


How does the program work? 

The downloadable version of the self-guided program walks users through each section. The program starts with a questionnaire, and is followed by a series of exercises and recommendations to best help users understand the full impact of their abuse. Each input of information will lead to a specific output of recommendations that may change or not within the desired usage of the program. The are many goals for utilizing the program. Most importantly is for users to trust themselves in the healing process in the awareness that they have the power to live in the abundance they deserve.


What is included in the program?

The program defines sexual abuse, assault, and violence along with instances in which they may occur. It provides public links to legislation, laws, and recommended organizations that help support sexual abuse survivors. 

The program includes access to our 24-hour online support rooms, chat support, and in-person support to visitors of our public office spaces.


Who should use this program?

The primary reason for creating this program is to help survivors of sexual abuse, assault, or violence start the healing process or continue the healing process from sexual abuse occurrences with additional support. Anyone rather being a survivor of sexual abuse or never having experienced sexual abuse can gain vast knowledge from reading or utilizing the program. The program may be most advantageous to survivors of sexual abuse as it journals their experiences. We conclude that such clarity and authenticity immensely helps in the healing process.


What resources for sexual abuse healing does the organization have available? 

This program was created by survivors of sexual abuse. Individuals who've fought to live a good life, despite the tragedies of their sexual abuse experiences. Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. has a diversity of staff with real life experiences of the issues we advocate in support of the public. The program was meticulously designed with vulnerability and truth in hopes to support others to experience the liberation just the same. 


Our organization's 24-hour online support portals are services in which public members can use in search or support for sexual abuse, assault, or violence. We also have internal resources to which are provided upon requests. This means we welcome all inquiries about sexual abuse, assault, or violence. We highly recommend first looking throughout the website to see if your particular request can be answered, so that our response time to an inquiry will not increase an inconvenience solvable otherwise.

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