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Overcoming Economic Inequalities

Economic inequalities are unequal distributions of income and opportunities between different groups in society. They may befall upon someone for a variety of reasons. Many people don't know they are at a disadvantage of income and opportunities, and exist under a ceiling of limited opportunities as a result of certain factors they often cannot control. Economic inequalities at times can be strategically positioned to intentionally put certain groups of society in insurmountable inequities. Such inequalities may exist within laws that aren't overtly written, though in action submerges certain groups at an economic disadvantage.

One of the keys to eradicating and overcoming economic inequalities is to know what they are. This helps to identify where they are. This helps to detect potential problems, and seek best solutions. Economic inequalities can be experienced by all people regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, race, sexuality or inhabiting region of occupancy. They are not always a counter reaction to discrimination. One can overcome economic inequalities through obtaining knowledge that creates or reveal solutions.




What can public members experiencing economic inequalities do to improve their income and opportunities?

Know who to address your concerns with. There can be a single or a multitude of reasons as to why one can be limited to opportunities or experience economic equalities. One of the best determents to conclude possible inequities of income and opportunities is to measure your current state of income and opportunities with the people who share the same spaces (employment, communities) with you.

If you believe you are in a residential community to which economic inequalities or opportunities are limited solely because of one's location you may reach out to your local governmental officials to address those concerns. Each city or unincorporated area has specific offices to address these concerns. Additionally, our overcoming social disadvantages program here may be useful in this pursuit.


How does Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. help public members who are experiencing economic inequalities?

The organization collects inquires (data) from public members believed to be experiencing economic inequalities or unjust (unlawful) economic opportunities. We upon allowance, follow up with public members to which the all issues are addressed with our recommendation actions or solutions to best counter possible inequities. Our first response email is expected to be very meticulous, as the returning email (responses) should best narrow the potential root causes of economic inequities or opportunities.   

What does the program seek to provide public members?

Solutions. It is priority to provide solutions. Solutions may come from insight we provide. Or they may come through reaching out to recommended

organizations or external programs.  External programs are not administered or created by the organization, though are regarded as direct forms of

assistance for one's specific needs. 


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