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Overcoming Social Disadvantages

Many groups of people may experience a social disadvantage not experienced by others simply due to no fault of their own. The Small Business Act explains this treatment as occurrences attributed to racial or ethnic prejudice or cultural bias within American society. Asian Americans, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Subcontinent Asian Americans are groups of individuals deemed to be socially disadvantaged within the United States of America.


Social disadvantages can be experienced in many instances. They may not always be overt to actually be experienced. Some of the more notable instances are through employment, income and wealth, housing, education, criminal justice, and healthcare. Socially disadvantage groups can experience lower quality of housing and education through systematic biased legislation or loop holes to which unfairness can exist.


How to combat social disadvantages?

Understand when you see them, and take action to help eradicate them. There are many resources to which one can find out about social disadvantages, how to report them, and how to strategize to help eradicate them. Equally are opportunities created in combat for and fairness to individuals who are socially disadvantaged. The "Helpful Links" below may provide information to better understand social disadvantages and explore financial opportunities.


Our Program?

We advocate against social disadvantages through the work we do as an organization. Our advocacy efforts are shared in partnership with other organizations and individuals to help identify, report, and strive to eradicate social disadvantages. The best way to keep in touch with our current progress is to subscribe to our monthly e-letter. Our monthly e-letter shows our current and upcoming events, public-virtual meetings, programs, services, research findings, and proposed solutions to public members who've reported their personal perceived social disadvantage occurrences when requested. Unrequested follow-ups of shared experiences will be documented for research purposes. Our research findings in particular will highlight resources that addresses issues of social disadvantages. Each month we’ll provide recommended actions to continue the fight in addressing and eradicating social disadvantages. If you believe you've experienced an unfairness connected to a social disadvantage (no fault of your own) please share your story with us below.

Helpful Links

Individual Determinations of Social and Economic Disadvantage

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Freedom of Information Act

Government Grants

Office of Advocacy

SBA Funding Programs

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Social Welfare

The Notification and Federal Employee Anti-discrimination and Retaliation (No Fear) Act of 2002 

The Small Business Act

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