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Abuse Shelter Services

Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. provides domestic violence abuse shelter residency programs and services for women and the children of women in pursuit of leaving a violent domestic relationship. We accept survivors from any state within the United States of America and the District of Columbia (Washington, DC). Our application process is thorough, and we highly encourage applicants to first download our qualifications document below to see if the residency program is indeed their best choice.  The application process is confidential and will not be shared outside of the needed organizational spaces. Approved and selected applicants are able to obtain residency immediately. Further details and instructions on how to properly submit the application for program consideration will be provided in the qualifications checklist. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we kindly ask that applicants do not contact the organization for updates on the status of their applications. We will reach out to applicants via email with updates on their applications. 

  • 24-Hour on demand support

  • Clothing Services

  • Counseling & Therapy 

  • Daycare Service Assistance

  • Educational Assistance Services

  • Employment Assistance (employment not required)

  • Food Assistance Services

  • Food Nutrition & Wellness Programs & Support

  • Mental Health & Wellness Support

  • Physical Wellness Support

  • Residency (Housing) Security

  • Seed-to-Soil Program (in-house program)

  • Substance Abuse Support

  • Transportation Services

  • Video Security Monitoring Services (24-hours a day)

  • After-Stay Support

Apply For Shelter Residency

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