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We introduce this program in efforts to support survivors of domestic violence in understanding the full impact of their domestic violence experiences or exposure. We conclude a domestic violence experience as any occurrence in which a domestic partner engages in a domestic violent act against their partner. We stand in observance that the definition of domestic violence equally pertains to individuals who know one another. This program was created for individuals who are experiencing negative impacts from their domestic violence experiences or exposure. Understanding the full impact of one's domestic violence occurrences takes strength and determination. It can be done! There are no positive impacts from domestic violence, though the ability to survive is priceless. We hope to help individuals recognize their will power to persevere despite their abuse. The program covers all forms of domestic violence, as non-physical forms of domestic violence can be impactful as well. Program users can successfully start and finish the program unaided by the organization. For individuals who additionally would like to contact the organization in reference to the outlined program the option is available. A compassionate staff member will best help answer your inquiries.

Healing From Domestic Violence


National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Hours: Available 24 hours 

Visit Here


TTY 1-800-787-3224

Program Download

Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. has no affiliation with the National Domestic Violence Hotline, though recommend it as top choice for finding help and assistance with all matters of domestic violence.



Do I have to come into your organization to start the program?  No. The program can be completed unaided by the organization. Upon downloading and opening the program (pdf file) the introduction of the program will explain in detail its' autonomous structure, and demonstrate the ability to successfully complete the program?


How does this program work?

We introduce a series of introspective exercises that are strategically sectioned to reveal information from one's perception and reality. Those findings are then positioned to make the upcoming section responses clearer and most accurate. Once the truth of one's domestic violence experiences are identified, we believe individuals can examine their own recollections and apply the suggested forms of support.


What's included in the program?

The program primarily defines the different types of domestic violence. These efforts are included to bring clarity to program users and help to eliminate misconceptions about what domestic violence is or isn't. The program starts with a questionnaire, which sets a path to best understand each following section. We include recommended exercises and outlets to best guide survivors who currently desire help in understanding the full impact of their domestic violence experiences. The program's instructions detail how the program is intended to be carried out, and list our best recommendations for document printing. Document printing is highly recommended though not a necessity to successfully complete the program. We however believe that document printing will make referencing different sections easier, as the program is intended to calculate one's actions, feelings, and new awareness. Equally, the program is designed to measure the differences of one's actions, feelings, and new awareness from week-to-week. The organization welcomes in-person and confidential support for public members utilizing this program who can visit the organization's public accessible office spaces.

Who should use this program?

The program is for individuals who are looking for healing and or spiritual liberation interrupted by their experiences of domestic violence.


What resources for domestic violence healing does the organization have available? We consider our website as one of most accessible resources to help support people who are looking for help with domestic violence awareness, prevention, or support. Our existence serves as a resource for domestic violence healing. We are available through our 24-hour support platforms for all matters of domestic violence. The program provides our availability, and the resources we recommend for healing and domestic violence support.

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