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Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that addresses, combat, and best support public members who've experienced domestic violence, economic inequalities, homelessness, impoverishment, mental health challenges, sexual abuse, or social disadvantages. We create programs for public members who've experienced or been exposed to domestic violence or sexual abuse. Our programs are administered in-person, and offered as a self-guided resource when in-person interactions are limited or unavailable due to location.


We research domestic violence occurrences, economic inequalities, homelessness, impoverishment resolutions, mental disorders, sexual abuse and assault, and social disadvantages. Our research efforts allow us to bring accurate awareness, prevention, and supportive resources to and for effected public members. Our researching goals are to identify and help eradicate all forms of abuse, inequalities and systematic social disadvantages for all individuals. 

About Us

We provide domestic violence abuse shelter housing, programs, and services for women experiencing domestic violence with a partner. We model many of our domestic violence abuse shelter program practices in reference to qualitative information the National Domestic Violence Hotline publicly provides. Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. operates across many platforms and 3 physical locations. We are headquartered in Waycross, GA (Ware County) and welcome all inquiries at



P.O.Box 1234 Waycross, Georgia 31502

 Tel: 678 - 597 - 8530

Our Domestic Violence Shelter's Physical Address Remains Private for Safety & Security Purposes.

Our Promise


Confidentiality is a huge part of our operations, as members of the public expect us to handle their most delicate situations with care. We never share customer information of any kind unless it is with the customer either in-person or over the phone, and all measures of verification has been met. Confidentiality means to never speak of personal individual encounters we have with members of the public outside of the scope of necessity. 


We define integrity as qualitative actions, beliefs, and behaviors we exemplify with honesty and empathy. Integrity is exercised when faced with doing what is right over doing what is wrong. All of our operations are carried out with integrity.


We're accountable to always hold ourselves responsible for our actions and lack of actions. When and if a mistake is made, we are 100% committed to owning that mistake, and providing a resolution.



At Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. we believe in and practice respect for all. Having it and always showing it is a mandatory requirement at all times. 

We Are Committed To Green

Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. is an environmentally conscious and responsible organization, and commits to reducing its carbon footprint through eco-friendly purchasing, its recycling efforts, eco-friendly advocacy, and business operations across all of its platforms. We are passionate and purposeful about reducing, reusing, repairing, and recycling. We commit to smart appliance and business-operation purchasing, reducing waste through vigilante food purchasing and distribution. We are dedicated to partnering with like-minded eco-friendly organizations to increase our perseveration efforts and corporate responsibility to the environment, ourselves, and the planet.

Our Application Process



Submitting Applications


All service request of the organization will require an application process. Applications can be filled online, or are required to be downloaded, printed out, manually completed, signed, dated, and returned back to the organization for processing. Physical copies of  applications can be acquired at our public offices when their services are available to the public. If an application cannot be completed online, we encourage applicants to download the application, and swiftly return it to speed up processing . The acceptable return options will be listed on each application, as the return options are not all the same. Application processing is done in chronological order in which the organization receives them. Applications that are not fully completed or returned in the required manner may not be processed. Due to the high volume of applications the organization receives applicants who submit incomplete applications may not be contacted for corrections.  


Application Status


When checking on the status of an application, only the applying applicant listed on the application can be updated on its status. Each application will require a processing code to which all applicants will create. Processing codes must be verified before any information can be shared about the application's status. Applicants applying for any form of assistance should provide a current driver's license or state issued I.D. Ideally we expect the address on the application to also match the address on either the applicant's current driver's license or state issued I.D. We may request permission to make a copy of an applicants proof of identity for organizational purposes. No personal identifiable information provided to our organization will ever be made public or shared with any other party. Proof of identity is required for services that render financial or food assistance. 

All questions about "Our Application Process" should be submitted to our Human Resources Department at

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