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Our Seed-To-Soil program is our core program we utilize for our domestic violence abuse shelter residents. From this program we discover the anticipated occurrences our residents will require to obtain the support and resources they most need. Seed-to-Soil consists of heavy documentation for the organization in efforts to best serve our residents optimally. The below content is an overview of some of the information we'll typically acquire in the beginning stages of shelter residency. Please feel free to submit any inquiries to us at

Concept – Seed to Soil is a gateway to conquering one’s most challenging obstacles, as a result from either domestic violence or sexual abuse. Individuals who may not have experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse, yet have been affected by someone else who has experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse may equally benefit from the program. The concept of Seed to Soil symbolizes the process of starting something new. An awakening of sort, to the understanding of what is necessary to move one’s life in the direction it deserves. Our program helps individuals discover the issues in which they feel are most detrimental to their mental, psychological, and spiritual health. Once identified, a clear understanding of what is needed to move beyond prior challenges and grow is encapsulated in a new declaration metaphorically symbolized as a “Seed”. Thereby the process of allegorically planting the seed is an affirmation of starting a new path of life beginning with one’s optimistic thoughts. The soil represents an entity in which one’s trust is reciprocated. This step is empowering as one must trust their determination, vision, and will into soil believing that at such a moment, growth and recovery is guaranteed. Soil helps the seed to grow and provides a place of covering (support). As the seed begins to grow, it must always have the nourishment required to maintain its healthiest and most full life.


Structure - The structure of the program is different for public members we assist, in contrast to domestic violence survivors we house. The goal remains the same, however public members do not have 24-hour access (support) on demand. Not all participants of the program will be both a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Many individuals who contact our organization and express distress or other issues as a result of being exposed (not a victim of) to others being sexually abused or a survivor of domestic violence, may benefit from “parts” if not all of our Seed to Soil program moreover. Public members who explore our Seed to Soil public program will have access to speak with a member of our organization during business hours to address any concerns or inquiries related to the program. Public members do not have to retouch basis with our organization once provided with the steps of the program. The work that needs to be completed can be administered without outside supervision as the outline for the program can be provided in tangible format.


Abuse shelter survivors of domestic violence housed within our organization’s abuse shelter home are automatically a participant of the program. Seed to Soil for shelter survivors entails providing safety (shelter), alleviating financial hardships, counseling, daily activities evaluation documentation, job placement services, mandatory group wellness meetings, mental and psychological health awareness tools and support, therapy, and 24-hour in-house on demand support and supervision.


The program can be implemented over varies platforms, and all shared information is confidential. In cases to which federal, state, or local laws infringe upon that confidentiality due to the responsibility of reporting imminent danger or potential of abuse the confidential clause will be overruled.


Resources - Seed to Soil is a set of support services, teams, and tools our organization provides to promote healing and recovery from domestic violence and sexual abuse. The resources are both tangible and intangible, and are holistically designed to help individuals understand the full scope of their experiences, and ultimately create a new path to healing.


Should everyone who experienced or has seen the acts of domestic violence or sexual abuse utilize the Seed to Soil program?

No. Not everyone who has experienced or has seen the acts of domestic violence or sexual abuse by their own account are negatively affected by such occurrences. We encourage individuals who are struggling with domestic violence and/or sexual abuse issues to utilize the program. The program is useless for individuals who do not need it, or perceive that they do not need its resources. Public members who contact our organization in need of support services for domestic violence and sexual abuse related matters may be recommended the program, but are never mandated to utilize it. Our public downloadable version of the program will be accessible via pdf download in the future.


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