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Domestic Violence Abuse Shelter Compliance and Rules Mandate


The Domestic Violence Abuse Shelter Compliance and Rules Mandate below must be read and agreed upon when submitting this application. Please thoroughly read the entire document and feel free to reach out to the organization if any questions arise that are not answered on this page. Upon entrance into the women's domestic violence abuse shelter home you will receive a physical copy of this document to sign for our records, as well a physical copy to keep for yourself at all times


This document outlines expectations, rules, and structure for abuse shelter residents who are or will be living within Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. abuse shelter home. Current or potential residents who are parents or legal guardians of children (under age 16) who will be simultaneously living within the abuse shelter on their behalf are responsible for ensuring that their children are also in compliance with the Domestic Violence Abuse Shelter Compliance Requirements and Rules Mandates at all times.


First and Most Important Rule

Never share the location of the abuse shelter home for any reason.

The Abuse Shelter home’s location should never be shared with anyone for any reason. Sharing the location of the abuse shelter home will lead to immediate program dismissal and potential legal charges. Sharing the location of the shelter puts employees and house residents in extreme danger, and anyone (including staff) found to have shared the location will be immediately removed from the location, including accompanied children. No obligations are mandated to individuals who break this rule. Organizational commitment to residents goes in conjunction with following all allotted regulations and rules.


Computer Use:

House computer use may be delegated on a need’s basis, and will be appropriately assigned in correlation with resident’s needs. Computer use times may be set to a particular window of time and may not be accessible on a 24-hour basis. Computer use for the purpose of job or school use may be accompanied with verification of need and availability. Computer use will be monitored and recorded unless house occupants are using computers for work related purposes that prohibit the act of screen recording. Computers used for work related purposes is only accessible to the individual performing the work associated tasks.


Conflict Resolution:

House residents are mandated to always handle conflict with respectable tones and tactics. House occupants are welcomed to ask a member of staff to mediate or help resolve the matter if preferred. Verbal and physical abuse are prohibited and may lead to discipline up to and not limited to legal action and dismissal of the program. Conflict resolution will be documented by a staff member, and follow-up will be administered if requested.


Counseling & Therapy Services:

Residents of the abuse shelter home will be provided with counseling & therapy services throughout the duration of their stay. Some services will be mandated to fulfill organizational commitments.  Upon the organization's commitment fulfillment, such services may be optional upon residents’ requests.


Deliveries & Receiving Mail:

House residents are never allowed to receive any type of deliveries at the abuse shelter home. For mailing inquiries residents should use the organization’s P.O. Box 1234 Waycross, Georgia 31502


Drug & Alcohol Use:

Drugs & alcohol are prohibited from the abuse shelter home. Residents are expected to remain coherent and sober at all times when engaging in outside activities. When engaging in outside activities be mindful of legal drinking consumption levels. Residents are never encouraged or permitted to drink or use any forms of drugs and drive. Residents with their own transportation who feel impaired to drive are encouraged to call the shelter and requests a transportation service. Upon notification and awareness to the driver, you should keep your car parked in a non-towing zone and wait for a company hired driver to meet you at your destination. Before leaving with the driver, you must confirm that you are with the company provided driver by calling the organization to reaffirm the driver sent matches the driver you were told would pick you up. Please take all valuable items out of your car and bring them with you to the shelter. Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. is not responsible for loss or stolen items left in your car, or any accrued towing costs.


Employee Communications:

House residents will communicate with employees on a daily basis for documentational purposes, and to handle any operational needs. Communications that are asked to be kept confidential will be, unless it presents a threat to house residents or a personal threat of any kind. Employees are trained to listen to the concerns of house residents and ascertain the best possible solution. Employees are in place to create healthy and vibrant relationships with residents. Communications should never exceed outside of the organizational role. Residents will communicate with drivers outside of the home and will contact the shelter for job, personal, and work purposes. Employees are prohibited from sharing their personal phone numbers, social media accounts, or establishing any form of communication avenue with residents outside of the permitted role. These rules will carry on after house residents have left, and as long as the employee is employed with the organization.


Financial Responsibility:

Potential abuse shelter residents will be responsible for paying for property damage if determined to be an act of neglect, deliberate intent, or due to non-compliance of house rules.

After stay support that requires a service paid by the organization such as individual or family counseling and/or therapy will remain effective until the agreed upon service time has expired. After stay support will not consist of financial support directly to the survivor or accompanied house occupants.



Harassment is defined as any unwanted treated from one party to another. This includes but is not limited to unwelcomed speech, touch, and treatment. Harassment of any kind is unwelcomed and will be subjected to immediate investigation in which all parties will be required to document the incident with a member of our staff. A Human Resources representative will follow up within 48 hours. All involved parties are encouraged to not communicate or share the same spaces if permissible. A staff member will help to accommodate the temporary restriction.


Homeless Shelter:

The women's domestic violence abuse shelter is not a homeless shelter, and should never be treated as such. The abuse shelter does not take in residents simply on the basis of being homeless. If house residents are found to have fraudulently misused the domestic violence abuse shelter for residential stay and not for the purposes of domestic violence, they may be immediately removed from the program and face legal charges.


House Calendar:

The house calendar is an open communication, used to highlight residents of upcoming events and mandates. The house calendar is only marked by Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. Each resident will have their own personal calendars which are shared between the organization and the individual house resident. Personal calendars will be updated as necessary with a staff member, and its information is confidential to the house residents and the organization. Other house residents will never be privy to each other’s personal calendars unless the house residents share it themselves.  


House Chores:

House residents are delegated to revolving house hold tasks determined within the first week of arrival.  House maintenance obligations are fairly distributed, and are solely attributed to household needs. Organizational household maintenance will be handled by employees, independent contractors, vendors, or outside companies. Lawn maintenance and household infrastructure maintenance will be handled by the organization.


House Curfew:

All house residents are expected to be within the abuse shelter residence by 11:30 p.m. EST. The only exception is if work requires residents to be home at a different time. This may occur in cases where a resident's work schedule is beyond 11:30 p.m. EST.



House residents are expected to maintain a healthy and pleasant hygiene at all times. Residents who are unable to purchase personal hygiene care products must prove they are unable to, and the organizational will provide financial assistance until house residents are able to provide hygiene care products themselves.


Kitchen Use:

House residents have full access to the kitchen, dining area, and delegated food storage areas. Residents will rotate kitchen maintenance (cleaning, cooking, etc.) on a weekly basis which will be determined at the time of residency entry. Kitchen use responsibilities are on an individual basis, and all house residents are expected to be thoughtful and respectful of the shared space.


Mandatory Meetings:

Mandatory meetings are required as a part of the domestic violence abuse shelter  program. Meetings may be held individually or in a group setting. Trained employees or volunteers may be present for documentational and supportive purposes. 


Medication Storage:

House residents are required to surrender all medications to the organization. The purpose of surrendering medications is to eliminate overdosing, incorrect use, and to protect other house residents from overdosing or misusing any form of medication. Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. complies with HIPPA standards and mandates HIPPA training for employees and volunteers. Medication of any kind for house residents are kept confidential, and are only held for protection and prevention purposes. Any household resident that does not surrender medication of any kind will be subjective to and not limited to possible dismissal of program and legal charges if found to have shared medicine with other residents.



Playing music may be allowed if the facility provides such amenities. Playing music should always be at an acceptable volume and never heard in employee work areas.


Laundry Use:

House residents are assigned certain days for laundry use. It is the responsibility of house residents to alert the organization if they are allergic to any kind of washing detergent. Washing detergent will be provided during assigned laundry days, and will be administered and documented by an employee. Laundry detergent should never be taken outside of the laundry room. Unused detergent should immediately be given back to the employee upon completion of laundry room use. Laundry detergent should only be used for washing clothing and any misuse of detergent will lead to and not limited to possible dismissal of program.



House residents may be assigned lockers in which they can utilize to store personal and/or valuable items. The lockers will be within an employee monitored area, and the contents stored within them should be discussed and approved by the organization. Residence are welcomed to access their lockers at any time, and are expected to utilize them with integrity. 


Organizational Outings:

House residents are allowed to participate in outings such as appointments, church, school, work, and organizational activities administered by Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. House occupants should never share their location(s) with anyone for any reason on any outing. Outings that are not a part of the organization activities should be shared with a staff member and approved by a manager. 


Outings Abroad:

Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. defines outings abroad as any situation in which house occupants need to travel outside of organizational purposes. House residents who need to leave for causes unrelated to the organization should make an outing abroad request with a manager and wait for approval. The organization first and always attempt to make reasonable accommodations for outings abroad. It is understood that resident's may need to travel outside of organizational related purposes for varies reasons. 

Personal Property:

House residents who intend to bring personal property such as cellphones, cars, etc. should request clearance to do so during the initial follow up phone interview.  Additional properties such as appliances, computers, furniture, house decorations, televisions, etc. are not allowed within the shelter home. The shelter does not provide additional storage for large amounts of extra properties, and potential house residents should make storage arrangements before arriving at the shelter. Acceptable personal property includes cellphones, books, clothes, shoes, toys, or a motor vehicle. 



Pets are not allowed at the domestic violence abuse shelter home.


Phone Usage:

House residents will have access to a company provided landline phone. Residents if desiring to keep in touch with family members or friends via the company accessible landline phone, should inform them that the abuse shelter's phone number will show up as private. Residents are asked to be respectful in regards to the length of time they occupy the landline phone.



House occupants are prohibited from taking pictures on any device within any employee designated area. Pictures are allowed, but not encouraged to be taken. Pictures should never show any outside physical part of the abuse shelter. Pictures taken with other house residents should never be taken without consent. House residents are prohibited from taking nude photos. All photos taken should be with fully clothed individuals. House residents are prohibited from sending pictures or videos to any staff member. Pictures may be shown to staff members though never sent.

Restroom Use:

Restrooms must be kept clean at all times. Residents are prohibited from entering or using employee restrooms. Restrooms may be inspected by employees during quality inspections. Such an inspection is prescheduled and made known to residents beforehand. Residents who request that a staff member occupy the restroom with them in it at, must always be and remain fully clothed.


Reporting Employee Misconduct:

House residents who experience or perceive to experience any dismissive or unfair treatment from a member of staff should report it immediately. Upon arrival residents will be provided a number to the HR director, to which they can confidentially call at any time for any reason they may feel violates the company’s commitment, morals, and promise to them. All matters will be considered priority, and Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. will not tolerate retaliation against you. Residents who may not want to reach out to the HR director may report any employee misconduct to another member of staff or a site manager.


Resident Drivers:

Upkeep and maintenance of resident vehicles are the sole responsibility of the leaser, owner, or renter of the vehicle. Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. provides transportation services to house residents for organizational purposes, through employer approved and provided vehicles. Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. does not take responsibility for any accidents, insurance, warranties, repair costs, or tickets of resident vehicles. In the event a resident’s vehicle must be towed, or is in violation of a city ordinance, the resident will bear full financial responsibility.

Upon arrival, house residents are allowed to use their own vehicles, but Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. does not recommend doing so for the first 2 months. Luvernes Safe Haven provides heavy window tinted vehicles discrete to the organization. For protection purposes it is recommended (not mandatory) that all organizational transportation needs are conducted within a company provided vehicle. House residents who may bring their vehicle, simultaneously have 100% access to our company provided transportation services.


House residence who may bring children under the age of 16 years old are not recommended to use their personal vehicles for transportation purposes within the first 2 months of residential stay. Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. recommends using company provided vehicles as their (children) main transportation source. Children who are enrolled in school, may take the option of utilizing a county provided school bus depending if both the organization and the accompanying parent concludes that it is safe. Children who are enrolled in school will always have the option of being taken to and picked up from school in a company provided vehicle.



House residents are prohibited from engaging in any type of sexual conduct within the abuse shelter home or on any part of the premises of the abuse shelter home. Residents who are in violation of this provision will lead to immediate dismissal of program. Unsolicited banter of house occupant’s sexuality should be avoided at all times. Websites with sexual contact/context should be avoided while using house computers and company provided devices. Materials with sexual contact/context such as adult magazines, videos, pictures, etc. are prohibited from being within the abuse shelter home and anywhere on its premises.


Smoking Rules:

House residents are provided a “marked section” outside of the abuse shelter home in which only members of legal smoking age should occupy and utilize. Cigarettes in their original form (purchased from store sealed) are acceptable. House residents of legal age who smoke may store cigarettes within a designated safe and secure location (assigned locker), as well obtain the responsibility of ensuring they are not shared with any house guests under the legal smoking age. No other substances (ex. Marijuana and all non-seal cigarettes) are allowed to be smoked on the abuse shelter premises or brought within the abuse shelter or on its premises. Smoking should never take place within the abuse shelter home for any reason. We only allow residents to store cigarettes in their original form within their assigned lockers. The original form should consist of cigarettes that were purchased from a store in which a manufacturer of the brand (example: New Port, Marlboro) has created them and the packages of cigarettes are bought sealed. Additionally, cigarettes that are bought in a single form (not a seal pack) from a store are acceptable and resident's should use their best judgement when purchasing loose cigarettes from a store. Residents should use their best judgements when borrowing or receiving loose cigarettes from residents or others. For residents who share cigarettes among other house residents, we understand that this may be a common occurrence. We are not against sharing sealed or loose cigarettes that you can verify yourself have not been tampered with or changed from its original form. In all cases residents will resume the responsibility of adhering to this provision. We encourage residents to be mindful of using borrowed, given, and or loose cigarettes in all cases.


Television Use:

House residents will rotate access to the television based on a room-to-week basis. The abuse shelter home will provide one television within the living room (common shared room) of the home, and T.V.’s within bedrooms are prohibited. We do not provide or allow them to be in living/sleeping areas. Each room will have access to the television an entire week, and are encouraged to socially compromise with other house residents, but are not mandated too. Television access may not be accessible 24 hours a day and the exact timeframes will be discussed upon arrival.



Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. has a no tolerance policy for theft of any kind, and residents are responsible for securely storing their valuables. Residents may or may not have the range to visit other house guests’ rooms, and if allowed should never visit another resident’s room unoccupied by the assigned resident. If the organization permits room-to-room visitation all parties involved must equally agree to the visitation. Theft of any kind should be reported immediately and avoided at all costs.


Transportation Services:

House residents are provided transportation services for organizational purposes such as appointments, church, school, and work. Transportation services are handled by our transportation services team. All drivers undergo an extensive criminal background check, and periodically are required to take random drug tests. Transportation services have video and audio monitoring, and are always tracked for security purposes. We strive to ensure a safe and pleasant transportation experience at all times.                 


Social Media:

Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. may view abuse shelter home residents social media profiles for security purposes only. An example of possible monitoring is viewing a house resident’s public social media page to make sure that their location is not changed to the location in which the abuse shelter home resides. This is not an issue for residents who live within the same city of the abuse shelter home whose location was the same before entering the abuse shelter home. House residents are prohibited from posting their location on any social media site, and should always have the location disabled on any device they are using within the shelter home. House residents are prohibited from adding or communicating with any employee through social media platforms. Upon residential exit, house residents are prohibited from contacting current employees of the shelter unless it’s through a company monitored email for organizational purposes only.


Video Monitoring:

The abuse shelter has 24-hour video and audio monitoring throughout the entire home, but does not have video monitoring or recording in private areas (bedroom & restroom). Additionally, video monitoring may be in company provided vehicles for organizational and security purposes.



Visitation of any kind for house residents at the abuse shelter home is prohibited and will result in immediate program dismissal/termination. Our no visitation policy exists for resident’s protection and security. Residents without their own transportation are required to meet visitors at a local police station to which authorities would have been notified and may monitor. Residents with their own transportation are encouraged to meet visitors at a local police station. This does not include going out with friends.


Working outside of the shelter:

Adult residents living within the abuse shelter home are encouraged and at some point expected to work outside of the abuse shelter home as a part of the Seed-to-Soil program. It is not a requirement, but actively seeking employment after the first month is. If upon actively seeking employment residents do not acquire employment, residents will not be penalized in any way in continuing the program. Residents without transportation will be transported from and to work with a company provided vehicle at no charge. Accompanying children living within the abuse shelter home are not expected or required to seek employment.


Special Occasions: Celebrating Birthdays, Holidays & More

All house residents are invited to attend a movie/theater outing once a month paid for by Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. All house residents will have every 2nd Saturday (marked on the house calendar) of the month as movie night. Movie night is designed to promote a harmonious house culture and alleviate any burdensome occurrences. House residents may prepare or order food for the occasion. The vote should be consistent with all participating house residents and residents are encouraged to compromise. Food and movie costs are paid by Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc.

All house residents are welcomed to have birthday celebrations if desired. If house residents are accompanied with children and desire to bring cake or have a party at their child’s school, we will supply the necessities.

House residents may make shopping lists including personal items and basic living needs on a monthly basis.

House residents are welcomed to express holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving through house decorations where permitted.

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