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Mentality-II-Reality is about analyzing the way one thinks in measurement to the

reality of what they have created in their lives. One’s mentality is their mode or way

of thought. It encapsulates the capacity to which one is able to think. There is power in one’s

thoughts. For often what we think about ourselves, others, places, and things

narrate our life journeys. There are things we may or may not try, because of

what we think about the experience. Many people go through their lives existing

and not living for varies reasons. Most commonly the fear of the unknown

or preformulated judgments from others. These things exist in the human

experience, though to truly live and enjoy the abundances of life we must all

at some point decide to think higher of ourselves and capabilities. And within such a space lies freedom. Freedom of care as to what others may think of you exercising your

inherited power to think and dare to dream.


There are some things we may never know we are capable of until we do them. Not everyone reading this may struggle with thinking loud and walking tall. This program is not about singling out what one is possibly missing or afraid to do. For what we think simultaneously plays a pivotal role in who we are. Our state of being. There is immense power in our thoughts. Mentality-II-Reality is our special way of adding to the conversation of how one’s thoughts can transform their lives. We believe there is something to be explored for everyone.


Know It

Know that you have what it takes to get the job done. Walk in the confidence that you are able to find what you may need and that the absence of it is still a part of the perfect plan for your life. It is only absent until you find it. You don't have to convince others to believe in you or your dreams. Believing in yourself is always enough.


What you focus on grows. No matter the obstacles, focus on the solutions more than the problems. It doesn't mean you're not aware of them. Though focusing on the solutions increases the likelihood of resolving one's problems.

Think It

If you can think it and believe it, you are best equipped to achieve it. When and if it feels like no progress is being made keep going. How it feels is not a fact to what it is. It may require a plan A, B, and C. Keep trying you will get it done.


Yes Celebrate! You deserve it. No matter how big or small you've measured the task to be, celebrate the fact that you were able to see it, believe it, and achieve it. Thank those who helped you along the way. Be equally thankful of those who refused to help you along the way. They each served their needed purpose to you on this journey. 


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