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We provide 24-hour access to our organization through our internet based platforms. Public members are provided this service to inquire about any operations we conduct rather pertaining to programs, recommendations, or services. We operate in several locations to which the hours of operations may differ. This affects our 24-hour online support response time when and if there is a high number of inquiries at the same time there are fewer available staff. If upon accessing the Adobe Connect 24-Hour Online Support room you experience a connection issue, please refresh the viewing page as it may be in response to a room change. 


While the 24-hour online support room can be used for general questions, we ideally intend for its grander purpose to focus on "support" for people who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence, sexual abuse, social disadvantages, economic inequalities, or mental health challenges. If you are presently encountering an emergency occurrence we recommend calling 911 or the most supportive entity you've concluded to be of best help. The online support room is never an outlet to help diffuse or protect public members from dangers law authorities are assigned to handle. Before entering into the adobe connect room, we kindly ask that you view our adobe connect room expectations & rules that will be populated as a pdf file. We are always working to answer all inquiries and resolve all issues expeditiously. Please feel free to explore our online contact options  below.

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