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Our Food Assistance Services or FAS can be acquired once a month per residential household. This particular service is not limited to a specific location; all public members may qualify. We kindly ask for proof of residency and a matching up-to-date state issued driver's license or state issued identification card. These submissions are needed for organizational purposes, and are never made public. Approved applicants should have either an up-to-date drivers license or state issued identification card upon visiting our public office when acquiring this service. Additionally, applicants will need to provide a secondary form of residency proof. Both forms of proof should have the same residential information. We require two forms of proof to make certain that all households requesting this service are fairly provided the aid they seek. If there is a valid reason that the two forms of acceptable proof of residency does not match please state the reason(s) in the additional commentary section below  prior to submitting the application. 

You must create an authorization code:
An authorization code is required as it allows the organization to discuss the status of  one's application. Your unique authorization code should be the first four digits of your social security number and the number of your residential address. You are not required to show your social security card at anytime, though your proof of address (residency) is necessary to receive assistance. If you don't have a social security number please use the first four numbers of your Tax I.D. #. Your Tax I.D. should match the information on your state issued identification card.

In addition to your up-to-date state issued driver's license or state issued identification card you will need to provide one of the following forms of residential proof to receive our food assistance services. Together you will bring two (2) forms residential proof. Please indicate which additional form of residential proof you can also provide within the "Additional Commentary "Section. 

Acceptable Additional Residency Proof

1. Change of address approval form 

2. Cell phone bill (most recent)

3. Credit card bill (most recent)

4. Health insurance card (most recent)

5. Mortgage statement (most recent)

6. Utility bill (most recent)

7. Voter's registration  (up-to-date)

8. Vehicle title/registration (most recent)

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