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We are extremely thankful for all individual and organizational donations. They unequivocally help to sustain the charitable services we provide on a daily basis. Maintaining the organization's operations increases the range of individuals, families, communities, and organizations we can positively impact.


As a charitable organization, we strive to help all people who request access to our programs, and those who are in need of our services. All contributions to the organization may be considered as tax deductible entities as we are a 501 c (3) organization. All of our received contributions and donations are documented in the organization's records permanently.

Individual donations should be made in either check or money order format, and clearly have the donor's name, address, and phone number included somewhere on the check or money order. Individual donors should expect to get a receipt of their donation through physical mail and may request an email receipt if preferred. If an email receipt is preferred please include an email and we'll additionally email your donation receipt.


Organizational donations and contributions are welcomed, and we kindly ask that any nonfinancial contributions reflect the organizations continuous efforts of charitable services. Organizations interested in donating to Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. may reach out to the organization through email, its 24-hour services options, by phone, or by visiting one of our public accessible office spaces.


We welcome sponsorship opportunities, and are committed to always ensuring that our sponsorships reflect our company's ethics, morals, integrity, and values. Our sponsorships allow us to continue to our efforts to addresses, combat, and best support public members who've experienced domestic violence, economic inequalities, homelessness, impoverishment, mental disorders, sexual abuse, or social disadvantages.

Donations can be made online, over the phone with a member of our staff, or sent to the organization's mailing address. We cannot accept cash donations through mail; they are acceptable for in person occurrences. For mail-in donations please use the below mailing address.

Mailing Address:

Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc.

P.O. Box 1234

Waycross, GA 31502


Thank you for your patience online donation form coming soon.

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