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Support - Having no place to go often increases the amount of domestic violence occurrences from an abuser. The fear of leaving what one knows behind, to the betterment of leaving an abusive relationship is an all-too-common reality. However, we encourage all members of the public to Create a Plan Of Escape. Our recommendation to create such a plan is not suggested in response to an argument or moment of tension (non-violent) with a domestic partner. Disagreements are normal to experience, and tension alone is not a crime. Your most accessible form of support will always begin with self. You can make choices and you can survive. Explore the Create a Plan of Escape icon below to better understand why you should always create an escape plan. 

Support can additionally come through talking with someone. The strength to acknowledge and verbalize one's domestic violence experiences is fuel to the healing process. Holding in domestic violence experiences can damage your spirit and possibly lead to deadly consequences. Be mindful of who you trust with the information you share. The National Domestic Violence Hotline has trained professionals to help educate and support members of the public on all things domestic violence. Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. has a 24-hour support room, to which any of the issues listed in our "About Us" introduction can be asked, answered, or sought by a member of our staff. You can always remain anonymous, and no personal information will be collected or shared by the organization. If you are in imminent danger of or from a domestic violence occurrence, we encourage you contact your local authorities, for your safety is priority. If you are in a situation to which your safest precaution is to not immediately contact your local authorities, as in doing so could further enrage an abuser please stay as safe as possible until you are able to get the help you need. In all cases, please make the best decisions for yourself opposite of any safety recommended actions by the organization. Please explore the " Domestic Violence Laws" icon to find anti-domestic violence legislation.


Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc provides domestic violence abuse shelter residency programs and services for women survivors of domestic violence and their minor children.  Our residency application can be accessed by clicking on the H.O.P.E. icon below. We encourage applicants to thoroughly review the application program to ensure that its most supportive to your needs. All questions and concerns about the content or processing of the application can be sent to


National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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