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Our Promise To You


Confidentiality is a huge part of our operations, as members of the public expect us to handle their most delicate situations with care. We never share customer information of any kind unless it is with the customer either in-person or over the phone, and all measures of verification has been met. Confidentiality means to never speak of personal individual encounters we have with members of the public outside of the scope of necessity. 


We define integrity as qualitative actions, beliefs, and behaviors we exemplify with honesty and empathy. Integrity is exercised when faced with doing what is right over doing what is wrong. All of our operations are carried out with integrity.


We're accountable to always hold ourselves responsible for our actions and lack of actions. When and if a mistake is made, we are 100% committed to owning that mistake, and providing a resolution without question.



At Luvernes Safe Haven, Inc. we believe in and practice respect for all. Having it and always showing it is a mandatory requirement at all times. 

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